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A local champion

A local champion can create links for your work which may lead to increased support. There is no hard and fast rule for finding a local champion.

People will champion your work if they understand and support both the outcomes you intend to achieve and your approach to achieving them.

People elected by the community are often keen to find out about projects which deliver improvements for the local community. One way of getting them involved initially is to ask them to take part in an event you’re organising. It is prudent to approach elected representatives from a range of political parties.

Where to find one

  • Local councillors: gaining the support of one or more of councillors elected by your local ward can be one way of gaining more support locally. Elected representatives can act as referees for grant applications or champion your work within the council. Your council’s website will have councillors’ contact details.
  • Members of Parliament: Support from your elected representatives to the Scottish and Westminster parliaments can also help raise your profile. Here are links to lists of MSPs and MPs:
  • Your management committee: when you’re putting together your management committee, try to include people who have a good range of contacts as well as the skills you need