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Addressing food insecurity

The number of, and use of food aid projects have increased over recent years. However, many community food initiatives or food aid projects aim to address the causes of food insecurity by promoting a ‘cash first’ response by providing, or signposting people to local income maximisation support. Check your local authority’s website to find out what money support and advice is available or find out if it has an action plan such as a poverty strategy to address this problem.  Where food aid is still required, many initiatives aim to reduce stigma and address this need in a dignified way. Many food aid initiatives use surplus food distributors to supply or top up their food supplies, see the food supplies and surplus food section for more information about this. Also check our community food network section to find out what support is available locally.

Ideas and learning from other projects

  • Independent Food Aid Network: has worked with local partnerships across Scotland and the UK to produce ‘Worrying about money?’ leaflets to provide information about local support.
  • A menu for change:  was a project delivered over three years to support three local authority areas to move away from using emergency food aid as the primary response to food crisis. Case study videos are available
  • Food Power:  was a people-powered programme that established a network of over 80 food poverty alliances around the UK. The Sustain website has a comprehensive range of publications and case studies
  • Nourish Scotland: provides Dignity in Practice resources to support food aid projects, including information on how these were adapted during the pandemic
  • Feeding Britain:  supports improved practice and guidance on mitigating and addressing food insecurity
  • CFHS blog posts, include information on ‘cash first’ approaches
  • Alexandra Rose Charity: provides food vouchers in some areas of the UK, including Glasgow.

Where to go for advice, campaigns and research