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Community Food and Health (Scotland) or CFHS aims to ensure that everyone in Scotland has the opportunity, ability and confidence to access a healthy and acceptable diet for themselves, their families and their communities. We do this by supporting work with and within low-income communities that addresses health inequalities and barriers (availability, affordability, skills and culture) to healthy and affordable food.

Through our work we aim to support communities to identify these barriers; develop local responses to addressing the barriers; and highlight where actions at other levels, or in other sectors, are required.

We value the experience, understanding, skills and knowledge within Scotland’s community food initiatives and their unique contribution to developing and delivering policy and practice at all levels.

CFHS updates

CFHS – May e-bulletin

Our latest e-bulletin highlights four community food regional events that we are supporting and run by Edinburgh Community Food (30th May), Glasgow Community Food Network (21st June) Community Food Initiatives North East – CFINE (28th August) and Lanarkshire Community Food Partnership (date TBC). Also news of what’s going on in the community food sector – …

Zero Waste Cooking Day

Martin Carle, Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE)’s Sustainable Food Co-ordinator tells us about a cooking day: As part of the recent ‘Climate Week North East,’ CFINE and Granite City Good Food held a zero waste cooking day on the 20th March. The workshop invited members of the community to come along to Cook at …

CFHS – March e-bulletin

Our latest e-bulletin considers how the community food sector contributes to the Good Food Nation ambition, as well as letting you know about the latest podcasts, webinars and reports on topics such as healthy weight, climate challenge, food growing, food costs and more.   You can view the March 2024 e-bulletin here. 

What can community food initiatives do to support cash first approaches to food insecurity?

Published online today, this briefing paper will provide clarity on, raise awareness of, and support use of cash first approaches as the primary response to tackling food insecurity. This will include examples and clarity on how community food initiatives are currently supporting this, ideas on how to join with others locally to further support cash …

CFHS e-bulletin January 2024

Our latest e-bulletin contains news about building a community food network in Dumfries and Galloway, and the Good Food Nation plan consultation,  as well as other news about diet and nutrition and research and policy, as well as reports, latest events and funding. You can access the e-bulletin here.

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