Information provision

Our newsletter, Fare Choice, will now be published twice times a year and feeds readers information on our upcoming work and events, policy changes, current research, good practice examples, conference reports, news and publications. Readers can also subscribe to our e-bulletin, Facebook updates and Twitter feed. We also have regular blog posts from staff and guest contributors.

In addition, we publish our research and evaluation work, factsheets, feedback from networking events, experiences of community food initiatives (CFIs) and occasional toolkits.

This website is home to most of our publications which are accessible in the library. We also augment our own information by curating web links to practical advice and resources to help CFIs run their projects effectively. There’s news, events and funding information too.

Our plan for 2019/20

For our regular information work, we plan to:

  • Continue with Fare Choice newsletters – 2 per year – to be distributed in August and February.
  • Continue with our regularly e-bulletins – monthly and also special editions
  • Continue to develop our social media and social reporting activities
  • Continue to develop our blog and topics

News and updates

FareChoice Issue 80

Issue 80 of our newsletter, Fare Choice, is now available to download from the publications library.

In food bank Britain, how can Scotland best run holiday clubs?

“…. And it was the first time he’d ever seen the sea…” This is what I remember from the University’s evaluation of holiday clubs I once ...

Why becoming a Good Food Nation will be good for our health

Lesley McCranor, Executive Manager at Healthy Valleys, talks about the Scotttish Government's Good Food Nation consultation ... In 2017, 65% of adults aged 16 and over ...

Reasons to be cheerful part 2 – CFHS cooking skills research. What did we learn about the best ways to run a cooking skills course?

Our cooking skills study group realist evaluation (2016-2018), gathered information from 29 community cooking skills courses (attended by 75 adults -all of whom were managing ...

CFHS blog – Bad mood soup: a personal take on how you feel affects what you cook

‘… and maybe that dish isn’t identical the next time you make it, as you use your emotions when you cook ...’ Neil Forbes, Chef (from ...

Cooking skills blog: Cooking skills research – Reasons to be cheerful, part one

Earlier this year, around 50 people, many who run or manage cooking skills activities came together to hear evidence about the impact of community cooking ...

Guest blog: Sue O’Neill-Berest from Cyrenians on food insecurity, cooking and using CFHS development funding to run sessions for young mums

Something to eat, someone to eat with The Food and Agricultural organisation of the United Nations has suggested that 8.4 million live in food insecure households ...

CFHS blog – How can you support people with learning disabilities to eat better?

Finding good resources suitable to help people with learning disabilities to eat well can be a real challenge. The healthy eating, healthy living training pack ...

Guest blog – community-led research generates more than research knowledge

Our guest blog is from Lesley Greenaway, a free-lance evaluator and consultant. She has a PhD in Participative Evaluation, and is committed to building capacity for research ...

New blog post – Pasta with a past: the collective memory and collective consciousness of Scotland’s community food initiatives

A government policy document a few years ago noted that, “Scotland has both a remarkable legacy as well as an admirable current resource in its ...