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Developing a community-led research project

The purpose of this section is to share learning materials that were developed as part of a CFHS community-led research project into food security/food poverty.

The materials are designed to guide and support anyone who is planning a community-led research project. The resources are organised into five stages, reflecting the developmental sequence involved and include information, guidance, activities and templates which you can download as PDF files. You can work through the sequence or dip into the sections that you are most interested in.

We enjoyed developing this dynamic approach to research; we hope that you do too.

What is a community-led research project?

We answer some key questions about using a community-led research approach: What’s involved? Why use it? How long does it take?

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Getting started

We highlight important preparation for the success of your community-led research project: recruiting Community Researchers, Code of Practice and building skills and confidence.

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Doing research together

We work through some of the practicalities of doing research: designing questions, choosing methods and collecting data.

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What your research means

We provide guidance on data analysis, report writing and things to think about for sharing your findings.

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Evaluating the community-led research process

We look at what happens once your project is complete – celebration, recognition, and what next for community researchers.

What to do next