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Evaluating the community-led research process

Project review and evaluation activities

A community-led research project has two distinct strands. Firstly, there is the research task itself which has been described in the previous sections. Secondly, there is the research process and journey that the Community Researchers have experienced. Reviewing Community Researchers’ experiences and evaluating the process as it develops creates space to learn from the project, to respond to individual needs and to make changes as your research project develops. See the review and evaluation activities (5a, 5b, 5c and 5d below) which can be used and adapted.

Recognition and celebration

Community Researchers make a significant contribution and commitment to community-led research projects. It is important to recognise this for example having a celebration at the end of the research project. They will also have developed their skills and experiences which can be used in other settings. One way to recognise this is to present certificates to all those involved. Certificates should detail the specific skills and experience they have gained through the project. See sample Community Researcher certificate.

What next for community researchers?

An additional outcome from community-led research projects is the development of a Community Researcher Team. They are a valuable resource that can be involved in future research or evaluation projects. They are often motivated and keen to put their skills to use. They can also help to support new volunteers that want to get involved.


  • Include review and evaluation activities as part of Community Researcher training.
  • Act on the results of your research.
  • Involve the Community Researcher Team in new research and evaluation projects.


Code Resource Description
5a Introductory Session – Community Researcher review Review questions.Use in 1:1 discussion, as a group or individually. Remember to keep a note of the responses.
5b First data gathering – how did we get on? Review questions. Use to review as a group. Keep a note of the responses so that changes can be made for next time.
5c Reviewing with pictures and objects Ideas for reviewing experience more deeply using pictures to express success, challenge and learning etc.
5d Training evaluation sheet Example evaluation sheet for giving feedback on a training session.
5e Sample Community Researcher certificate Example of a Community Researcher Certificate which details the skills and experiences gained through the CFHS community-led research project into food Security/food poverty