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New – tips for older vegetarians and vegans

Outside the Box has launched ‘Tips for older vegetarian and vegans’, as part of its Food Buddies programme. The tips include lots of suggestions, ideas and recipes for older people (including those affected by dementia) or for other that are supporting or working with older people. The publication can be accessed through this link – …

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Malnutrition Summit Report

Earlier this summer the Scottish Government organised a well-attended malnutrition summit, with the assistance of NHS Health Scotland, where a full and frank exploration of the issues and direction of travel took place.

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Healthy diet and lifestyle for ethnic minority older people

The Older People Services Development project produced this healthy eating resource, with support from NHS Health Scotland, in response to an extensive consultation that shows ethnic minority older people can face barriers to accessing information on diet and lifestyle.

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Older people’s food task force

This group continues to grow in reach and numbers, with new members from Age Scotland, Queen Margaret University, REHIS, the Befriending Network and the Health and Social Care Alliance welcomed to the latest meeting in November. Following the well-received presentation on the work of the task force at the CFHS annual networking conference in October, …

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Older People’s Food Task Force

Participants on the study tour to London in October 2013 agreed when they got back to Scotland to set up this group to develop a national focus on food and older people.  The group has met three times to date in 2014.  It has: Circulated the report on the tour and provided presentation on what …

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Older people eat well: literature review

In early 2014, CFHS worked with Evaluation Support Scotland to commission a short evidence review of the literature on the ways in which the third sector supports older people to eat well. This has now been published as part of the ESS ‘Stitch in Time’ programme. The starting point for the review was the nested …

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Mealmakers launches

Just 10 months after our study tour to London, Mealmakers, based on one of the initiatives we met, the Casserole Club, launched in Scotland on 4 August.  After months of hard work, Food Train proudly launched this new neighbourhood meal sharing project that uses an online platform to connect volunteers of any age who have …

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Making the case

This publication focuses on the work of community food initiatives working with older people and will be of use to community food initiatives in building and articulating the case for their work with older people and those considering developing work in this area.  It gives an overview of the needs, contexts and strategies engaged in developing food work with …

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Study tour to London

The study tour took place between 1 and 3 October 2013. Ten people took part in a busy two days, which included 10 different visits/meetings across London.  The report provides an overview of the tour and the organisations we visited.

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Lunch clubs – good practice examples

Lunch clubs are a key piece in the jigsaw of services that support older people to eat well. Many are organised and run by older people themselves. The ODS research found that older people who attend lunch clubs often speak about enjoying both the food and the opportunity to eat with other people. A bite …

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