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E-bulletin : 20 February 2020

Please follow the link to our newest e-bulletin here.

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Social enterprise and community cafe activity

This new briefing paper from Senscot aims to establish the core purposes these activities serve and gain insight into how community cafe activity is resourced, particularly with regards to the challenges of turning over a surplus. This paper will be followed by a series of shorter publications with a focus on peer-to-peer learning around the …

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Scottish Cancer Prevention Network newsletter

A tenth anniversary edition of their newsletter has just gone out from the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network and is available from their website.  

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Environmental Protection Scotland’s new publication

Of interest to community growers would be Environmental Protection Scotland’s publication on land contamination, available from their website.

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RSA’s Food, Farming and Countryside Scottish Commission report

The report from the RSA’s Food, Farming and Countryside Scottish Commission is available on their website.

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Principles for Community Empowerment

This new publication from Audit Scotland aims to raise awareness of community empowerment and promote a shared understanding across scrutiny bodies to support high-quality scrutiny of community empowerment. Available to download from

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Our Future in the Land

In this final report, the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission sets out radical and practical ways for policymakers, business and communities to respond to the challenges to the future of food and farming and to people’s health and wellbeing. Report and summary documents available to download from the RSA website.  

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Rethinking Food Policy: A Fresh Approach to Policy and Practice

The Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London has published the first two briefs in its new series on Rethinking Food Policy: A Fresh Approach to Policy and Practice. The first brief “Tackling food systems challenges: the role of food policy” provides a new, simple definition of food policy, sets up the historical …

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All you need to know about public health reform

Our colleagues at CHEX have produced a new briefing, Public Knowledge: an introduction to public health reform and the role of community-led health. The briefing sets out the basics of public health and public health reform, noting that the process so far has put a strong emphasis on community and community-led approaches, and seeks to …

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Food Matters

This new resource from the Care Inspectorate highlights examples of good practice from across the early learning and childcare (ELC) sector in Scotland,  celebrating the many ways in which ECL settings are supporting children to have positive eating experiences and enjoy well-balanced, nutritious food.  This resource complements, and should be used alongside, NHS Health Scotland’s Setting the Table, the nutritional …

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