Research and evaluation

Food security, diet and obesity – community-led research

Central and West Integration Network were supported by CFHS/NHS Health Scotland last year to lead a community-led research project. The research explored the experiences of ethnic minority communities around food security, diet and obesity. Specifically, the aim was to learn more about: Cultural understanding and awareness about diet and obesity Differences or factors that may affect attitude to diet and obesity, such …

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Cafes in communities

Are you involved in running a café in a local community (geographical or shared interest) run for local people and/or by local people on a charitable, ‘not for profit’or enterprise basis? Whether your café is informal in a community centre or church, set up as a social enterprise, community interest company or other, run 1 …

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Reasons to be cheerful part 2 – CFHS cooking skills research. What did we learn about the best ways to run a cooking skills course?

Our cooking skills study group realist evaluation (2016-2018), gathered information from 29 community cooking skills courses (attended by 75 adults -all of whom were managing on low-incomes and the majority were ‘vulnerable’*). The results showed that: 79% improved their cooking skills (a further 16% could already cook) 68% made steps to improve their diet As …

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Self-evaluation programme for community cafes

Between August 2017 and March 2018 we worked with a small group of community cafes to look at self-evaluation.  Together they developed a list of community cafe outcomes to reflect the range of differences cafes can make for their customers, volunteers and community members. Six of the cafés involved carried out self-evaluation activities in the last few months. …

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Community-led research into food security and insecurity

Research reports from our three community partners – Central and West Integration Network, Linwood Community Development Trust, and Borders Healthy Living Network are now available. Borders Healthy Living Network has also produced a video, which can be found below. The research aimed to explore aspirations of food security and experience of food insecurity from people …

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Research – factors affecting the sustainability of community retailing

In 2015 CFHS commissioned research to identify the factors that affect the sustainability of community retailers (food co-ops, fruit and vegetable stalls and barras and community shops). The research was completed in Autumn 2016. A summary of the research findings and recommendations will be available late summer/early autumn 2017.

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The nature and extent of food poverty/insecurity in Scotland

In October 2014, CFHS commissioned a group of research scientists to consider questions of food insecurity/poverty in Scotland. The main aim of the research was to explore the wider context of household food poverty/insecurity (HFI)  in Scotland and to develop an understanding of the current level and nature of HFI to inform policy and practice. The …

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Research – exploring the impacts of community retailing

CFHS is commissioning research to explore the economic, social and environmental impacts that community retailers are bringing to the communities they work with and within, and if and how, they are helping to address health inequalities.  The research will be completed by March 2016.

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A review of practical cooking skills activities which focus on promoting an affordable healthy balanced diet for adults, young people and their families within low-income communities in Scotland

In 2014 Community Food and Health Scotland/NHS Health Scotland commissioned a realist review of community cooking skills activities run by community initiatives and agencies. The review planned to explore issues such as how the social circumstances of participants and the approach of the cooking skills activities can affect the outcomes. The researchers analysed 81 sets …

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Evaluation support

In autumn 2014 six organisations participated in a four-day Evaluating Impact Learning Account workshop programme on evaluation; all completed the course and are applying their learning back in their work. Four organisations were awarded Evaluating Impact Development Funding of £1,000. We expect to gather evaluation reports from all these organisations shortly and will keep you …

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