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Food security, diet and obesity – community-led research

Central and West Integration Network were supported by CFHS/NHS Health Scotland last year to lead a community-led research project.

The research explored the experiences of ethnic minority communities around food security, diet and obesity. Specifically, the aim was to learn more about:

  • Cultural understanding and awareness about diet and obesity
  • Differences or factors that may affect attitude to diet and obesity, such as culture and income
  • Barriers to eating well and having a healthy lifestyle
  • Actions for change -for individuals, community organisations and councils

The research was carried out by 12 community research volunteers. The findings included information from 56 people from BME communities, including a third who were refugees or asylum seekers. The researchers found that although there were some cultural influences on diet or views of obesity, most people were well aware of the association between diet, physical activity and weight and obesity related health issues.  Similarly to a previous research project by CWIN, affordability was one of the main barriers to healthy eating (and taking up physical activities).  See the final report (12 pages) and short summary below for more details.

CWIN final report

CWIN Executive Summary

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