Research and consultations

Household food insecurity

In December 2016, at Serenity Café in Edinburgh, a workshop was held sharing learning about, and reflecting on, work that is currently taking place in Scotland and in the rest of the UK on the issue of household food insecurity measurement. The day was supported by NHS Health Scotland, the Rural and Environment Science and …

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Become part of the PB Scotland Network

Across Scotland, local people have been directly deciding how public funds are being spent in their area. This activity, otherwise known as participatory budgeting (PB), is being captured on the PB Scotland website. Now, the PB Scotland Network has been set up to bring people together across the country to share enthusiasm & learning around …

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Food Standards Scotland review of the Food Hygiene Information scheme (FHIS). Your views required

  Consumers in Scotland can see how well food businesses in their area have fared in food hygiene inspections. The scheme applies to all food outlets that supply food to consumers. Each food outlet is asked to display a certificate (and/or sticker) on the door or window of their premises, saying whether they have passed …

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Community cooking groups: supporting people who are struggling to have enough food to get them/their families through the week

Do you run or manage cooking courses within low income communities in Scotland?  Do you sometimes find participants are struggling to have enough food to get them through the week?  Do have 15 minutes to complete an online survey? Community Food and Health (Scotland) are undertaking a project exploring the methods which cooking course trainers …

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SCDC consultation on participation requests

SCDC is inviting community groups and networks, and people who work with communities, to give their views on Participation Requests. The consultation will inform the Scottish Government’s development of regulations and statutory guidance around participation requests.  The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act specifies participation requests as a process for communities to request to work alongside public …

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Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act – Register your interest for SCDC’s consultation on participation requests

SCDC is inviting anyone from community groups and networks, and people working with communities, to give their views on participation requests. The Scottish Government is consulting on the regulations to accompany Part 3 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, Participation Requests. SCDC will be supporting the formal consultation by running a parallel consultation process on …

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Emergency food aid: understand and act

Organisations across Scotland providing advice and support to people who may use emergency food aid, community food and health projects and statutory bodies with an interest in the issue are being asked to complete a survey being undertaken by the Poverty Alliance, on behalf of partners, all of whom are interested in better understanding the …

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NHS Health Scotland Survey

NHS Health Scotland is conducting a short survey aimed at assessing the staff development needs of the third sector workforce in relation to health inequalities.  The survey will close on 18th September 2015. An analysis of the findings will be shared later this year and an appropriate response to the needs assessment will be developed …

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Creating a Fairer Scotland – Planning Events

As part of the Scottish Government’s Creating a Fairer Scotland conversation, a series of local planning events will be taking place to allow a broadly representative audience to hear, discuss, prioritise and take action on ideas to make Scotland a fairer place to live and make a real impact on Scotland’s future. The priorities that …

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Research – exploring the impacts of community retailing

CFHS is commissioning research to explore the economic, social and environmental impacts that community retailers are bringing to the communities they work with and within, and if and how, they are helping to address health inequalities.  The research will be completed by March 2016.

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