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Community food initiatives help needed to try out Eat Well, Your Way resource

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has developed Eat Well, Your Way, an online resource to help people in Scotland make healthier food and drink choices when planning, shopping, preparing food at home and eating out. The Eat Well, Your Way resource is underpinned by evidence-based behaviour change techniques. By utilising the MAP model, also used by NHS Education for Scotland, the resource aims to support people in Scotland to get motivated, take action and use, or avoid, prompts to make small, manageable changes to their diet. The resource covers three main sections:

  1. Shopping – Information about planning and shopping and how to get the most from your budget.
  2. In the kitchen – Advice and tips on equipment and ingredients to keep in the kitchen and how to cook in ways that are cheaper and healthier.
  3. Eating out – Tips on how to make small changes to habits to make healthier choices when eating out.

Eat Well, Your Way is an evolution of the Eatwell Guide with a specific focus on small, manageable changes that can fit into everyday life. As inflation affects the price of food, utilising the tips found on the Eat Well, Your Way resource can ensure that cooking at home is good for the environment and may help when cooking on a budget. Advice around batch cooking can help make food go further and combat rising costs. With the rise of the ‘climate-conscious’ consumer, the Eat Well, Your Way resource also highlights a number of steps that users can take to have a more environmentally sustainable and healthier diet. Steps include reducing food waste by planning, buying less and safely using leftovers.

If you would like more information about the resource or have any questions about it, please contact For more information on the research done by FSS into the Scottish diet and how to improve it, please visit the FSS website.


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