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Food poverty and access

Food Security for All – Community-Led Research

CWIN in partnership with NHS Health Scotland and Community Food and Health (Scotland) took part in community-led research into food security. They explored participants’perceptions of food security (eating well) and how to address food insecurity.

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Community Led – Good Food Research

This report describes an NHS-funded/CFHS-supported, community-led research project that explores the relevance of the issue of ‘food security’ to a range of adults, with different life experiences and current life circumstances who live in the area.

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A snapshot of Covid-19, food insecurity and community food initiatives: What happened and what can we learn?

About the snapshot In March 2020, the community and voluntary, private and public sectors responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down. Community food initiatives either closed because of lock-down restrictions and others rapidly changed their services to meet a rise in the need for food delivery or food aid services. This snapshot attempts to …

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CFHS blog: Food insecurity research conference – learning from across the globe

We recently attended the second ENUF (Evidence and Network on UK Household Food Insecurity) UK conference on research, food and poverty. Around 200 people attended this virtual conference, including a good mix of people from academia, public health and community food projects. This two day conference covered many topics. In this blog we provide a …

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Food mapping research – Urban Roots

If your organisation provides free or subsidised food to households experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, food insecurity, Urban Roots would love to hear from you. Urban Roots have been asked to carry out this research on behalf of the Scottish Government. The data collected will be used to better support organisations by gathering up …

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Understanding food insecurity in Scotland: using evidence for policy and practice change

The latest seminar on measuring food insecurity, co-organised with A Menu for Change, took place in Glasgow at the beginning of October. National and international presentations, including a look at the first data from the new food insecurity questions in the Scottish Health Survey, an update on A Menu for Change and a fascinating insight …

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Matter of fact

With the latest Scottish Health Survey results due to include data from the three new food insecurity questions and research work ongoing across the UK, CFHS is delighted to be offering the latest opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to come together to digest the latest information and explore future opportunities. Working alongside A …

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Guest blog: Sue O’Neill-Berest from Cyrenians on food insecurity, cooking and using CFHS development funding to run sessions for young mums

Something to eat, someone to eat with The Food and Agricultural organisation of the United Nations has suggested that 8.4 million live in food insecure households in the UK. (Taylor, 2016) Some research conducted predominantly out with the UK found no significant positive link between the ability to cook and food security, whilst other studies …

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1st World Congress on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health

Florence Dioka from Central and West Integration Network (CWIN) and our colleague Jacqui presented the poster below at the 1st World Congress on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health, on 18 May 2018.  It explains how they carried out community-led research into food security and insecurity, plus shares some of the findings. Food security and insecurity-poster You …

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Time to Digest

Despite the Arctic conditions and transport systems in chaos, practitioners, policy makers and researchers from across Scotland and beyond met in Glasgow for this latest get together looking at measurement of food poverty and how this understanding can be best applied within policy and practice. Organised by NHS Health Scotland jointly with A Menu for …

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