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Health and wellbeing profiles

ScotPHO have produced a series of health and wellbeing profiles for each local authority area, based on a snapshot taken on 25th February 2016. Each report highlights “key indicators” – the six indicators where performance is worst, and the comparison with the Scottish average. Find out more on the website https://www.scotpho.org.uk/comparative-health/profiles/resources/council-reports/  

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Scottish Islands Federation survey

Scottish Islands Federation is a network of island community organisations that aims to share ideas and innovations between the islands as well as give a voice to some of the common challenges that are felt on the islands. It is carrying out a survey to gather thoughts from island communities on their main challenges and opportunities. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KFVMVCP …

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What is community capacity building?

This video produced by SCDC and CHEX explores community capacity building and explains how it can help communities achieve the change they want to see. Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

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Eat Better Feel Better campaign update

The next phase of the Eat Better Feel Better (EBFB) campaign launched on 15 January, with more resources, roadshows and TV advertising taking place in the next few months. More information about what is happening near you is available in this stakeholder’s update as well as the EBFB website.  

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BBC Food and Farming Awards

BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme will open nominations for the BBC Food and Farming Awards on Sunday 10 January 2016, calling on people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to nominate their favourite producers, workplace cooks, local markets and food heroes. The panel will be looking for winners in a range of categories, …

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New Eat Better Feel Better activity

The Eat Better Feel Better (EBFB) campaign is planning new marketing activity from August onwards. The campaign will be running on TV from 10 August and the EBFB event team will be on the road again from 13-22 August visiting retailers across Scotland. Full information about the activities and resources on offer can be found …

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Glasgow Community Gardens: Sustainable Communities of Care

A Glasgow University study on community gardens in the city has outlined their positive effect on individuals and communities. The report concluded that community gardening promotes community empowerment and “offers a learning environment that goes beyond the skills associated with horticulture to include individual health, self and community wellbeing and democratic citizenship.”

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Mealmakers launches

Just 10 months after our study tour to London, Mealmakers, based on one of the initiatives we met, the Casserole Club, launched in Scotland on 4 August.  After months of hard work, Food Train proudly launched this new neighbourhood meal sharing project that uses an online platform to connect volunteers of any age who have …

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Survey on purchasing habits of community food organisations

SAC food & drink consultancy is carrying out a piece of work in Glasgow, investigating how community food organisations source and purchase produce to identify best practices which can be developed to support this goal. Groups are being asked to complete this survey . The responses will be used to create an overview of community …

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Community cooking sessions at Glasgow Green Festival 2014

Supported by Scottish Government and the Food Standards Agency Scotland, the Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus is offering FREE practical cooking sessions throughout the Commonwealth Games to community groups and organisations. www.focusonfood.org/news_reader?id=41 .    

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