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Understanding food insecurity

Researchers based at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen are aiming to better understand how organisations that have tackled food insecurity among families with children during school holidays coped during COVID-19 lockdowns. The researchers are keen to follow up issues raised in an earlier survey by undertaking in-depth interviews with staff, managers and volunteers from local organisations. The interviews, lasting around an hour, would cover meeting needs arising during lockdown, meeting unmet needs identified, the resilience of frontline organisations/programmes; differences between frontline organisations/programmes, identifying and sharing new and collaborative practice, the perceived role of Government policy and support.

The information collected is intended to help draw out key learning points, examples of new and collaborative practice, and insights for policy and research. The research is funded by, and findings will be presented to, the Scottish Government.

If you or your organisation would like to know more you can contact Dr John Mckenzie at

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