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Adapting community cooking programmes for online delivery

Kirstin Wilson, a student at Abertay University, has developed this survey as part of her dissertation, to find out the views of participants attending online cooking courses. Kirstin is looking for help from community organisations running online cooking to encourage course participants to complete this survey.

The survey takes the form of an anonymous online questionnaire that will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. This questionnaire is being used to collect data on how to improve and develop online cooking programmes and include information that would be of the most benefit. The questionnaire has a mix of multiple choice and written answers with space at the end to add your own comments.  There are some general questions (age, gender, income, etc) some of which are optional, as well as some questions on participants’ cooking skills and knowledge of nutrition, and on how they found the experience of taking part in online cooking classes.

Full information on how the data will be used and retained can be found in the introduction to the questionnaire.

You can access the survey at the link below. The survey is open until the end of March.

Adapting community cooking programmes for online delivery – questionnaire.

For more information, please contact Kirstin Wilson:


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