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COVID-19: Scottish Government support for community food responses

UPDATE: 12 May 2020
Next round of funding from the Wellbeing Fund is now open to applications until 12 noon on 22 May 2020.

UPDATE: 17 April 2020: Wellbeing Fund 

Community organisations looking for funding to support their food activities at this time should register an expression of interest to the Wellbeing Fund now. The first round will close at midnight on Sunday 19th April. It only takes 2 minutes to register, so you are urged to do this as soon as possible:

It is anticipated that the Wellbeing Fund will support a wide range of activities that protect and promote the wellbeing of individuals and communities across Scotland.  Likely projects could include the purchase and delivery of food, activities to support people’s mental health and wellbeing, co-ordination of local activity and staff and volunteer expenses. These examples are not intended to be prescriptive of the type of support your organisation is looking for funding to deliver. For more information on this and other funding streams available please visit the SCVO page:

UPDATE:  the Scottish Government has provided further information about its Food Fund:

  • £10 million has been set aside for investment in third sector organisations that are responding to food insecurity both at a national and local level
  • £30 million of the Food Fund is initially being made available to local authorities for structured public sector responses working with local resilience partnerships to support households who may experience barriers in accessing food. The guidance for local authorities includes advice that actions will need to be coordinated by local authorities, usually via local resilience partnerships, and should involve people from all sectors, including community food organisations and local businesses.

On 18 March, the Scottish Government announced an investment of £350 million to support local communities and households in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Information about the Third Sector Resilience Fund is available on the SCVO website

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