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A snapshot of Covid-19, food insecurity and community food initiatives: What happened and what can we learn?

About the snapshot

In March 2020, the community and voluntary, private and public sectors responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down. Community food initiatives either closed because of lock-down restrictions and others rapidly changed their services to meet a rise in the need for food delivery or food aid services.

This snapshot attempts to summarise what happened, and focuses particularly on the responses of community food initiatives and others that may influence their work. We also try to look forward – and consider how what we have learnt could be useful in the future.

This snapshot was put together from around 650 pieces of information from a range of sources – mainly social media and website posts, but also from speaking with people, from newsletters, emails and unpublished papers.

Thank you to all the groups and agencies that have shared information, achievements, aspirations and frustrations, directly and indirectly, formally and informally.

You can read the snapshot here

Here is the supplementary evidence snapshot 


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