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CFHS research project – do you run practical cooking skills activities for adults or young people?

Do you have cooking skills evaluation reports that are gathering dust and too few people to read them?

If your answer is yes, please can you help us? 100s of groups and agencies across Scotland run cooking activities for people in low-income communities. But there is very little publically available written evidence about what difference these make. To attempt to begin to address this, we are commissioning research to explore the impact that cookery activities can have on participants. And we want the researchers to make use of the many reports that we know might be available.  

Lots of people can help with this – from those providing a few cooking activities each year within their own group or workplace to those running regular cooking courses for other groups.

What information could you send us? 

We’d like copies of material you already have like evaluation reports, project proposals, lesson plans, project leaflets, annual reports and funding applications.  Why? Because they can tell our researcher about:

  1. Your organisation   (website page, annual report or project leaflet)
  2. Why you set up the cooking activities  (evaluation report, funding application or project proposal)
  3. Your participants and their recruitment (evaluation report, funding application, project leaflet or annual report)
  4. How you ran your cooking activities (evaluation report, lesson plans, trainers notes, attendance sheets or funding application)
  5. The difference the work made to participants (evaluation report, or trainers notes)

All your information will be anonymised.

If you want more information on what to send us, please check the additional information sheet or contact Kim  Please send us the material as soon as possible, the researcher may not be able to include material we get after Friday 29 August.

Please send materials to:

Community Food and Health (Scotland)
NHS Health Scotland
Meridian Court
5 Cadogan Street
Glasgow G2 6QE

Or email

Please include a note with your name and contact details. If you are planning to send information about one or more activity, please send these in separate emails or attach each batch of material together. Thank you for your support for this work.



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