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What is the impact of volunteering in your organisation?

Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS) is currently piloting a Volunteer Impact Assessment toolkit and they are keen to work with a community food initiative as part of this pilot.

The Volunteer Impact Assessment toolkit was originally developed by the Institute for Volunteering Research in response to growing demand for support from organisations to highlight the impact of volunteering. The toolkit helps organisations to identify, understand and demonstrate the impact of volunteering on:

  • volunteers themselves;
  • the organisation;
  • service users or beneficiaries of the organisation, and;
  • the wider community.

Through the pilot that VDS are running you will be supported to plan and carry out a Volunteer Impact Assessment. There is no cost involved with this pilot and you will be provided with support from beginning to end. You will be supported to understand the toolkit, tailor the toolkit for use within your organisation, analyse the evidence that you gather and prepare a final report to allow you to share your findings with others.

To be involved in the pilot you will be expected to plan and carry out a volunteer assessment, using the toolkit. VDS are keen to work with a community food initiative that works with a maximum of 30 volunteers, has some NHS funding to deliver their services and who is addressing issues around health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in being involved in this pilot project with VDS please contact Katrina to find out more. As this support is available through a pilot project there is limited places available so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

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