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Launch of Scottish Government Resilience Fund

The Scottish Government has just announced the launch of a £1.7 million Resilience Fund, for third sector organisations that have been affected by the recession. Grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 will potentially be available to Third Sector organisations which can demonstrate:

  • How the recession has led to increased demand or significantly undermined their services
  • Any increased pressure on their services is as a direct result of the recession
  • That prior to the recession they were a viable organisation with a proven track record of delivery over two years
  • What caused the problem, and their proposed solution including the submission of a detailed Recovery Plan
  • They have unrestricted reserves equating to less than six months’ running costs of the organisation
  • The requirement for the Resilience Fund and their longer term viability with certification by an auditor or chartered accountant to that effect
  • Appropriate safeguards are in place for both the expenditure of funding and, if the need arises, recovery.

The fund, which will be open for five weeks from late October, is being delivered as a ring-fenced part of the £12 million Third Sector Enterprise Fund.

Organisations seeking information on the fund, or potential applicants, should contact Mary Lyden on 0141 305 4176, or Polly Chapman on 01463 663918.

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