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Recent blog posts

Mitigating long term impacts of the cost of living crisis
Public Health Scotland PHS) has published a rapid assessment on the health impacts of the rising cost of living. Margaret Douglas, Consultant in Public Health, discusses what this could mean for the long term health of communities in Scotland and what can be done to ease the impact.

The blog can be found on the PHS website.

Bridging the Gap
The Bridging the Gap programme, led by Sustain, aims to demonstrate ways to build better supply chains between climate and nature friendly food and people on a lower incomes. Its latest blog post showcases a few of the initiatives in Northern Ireland that are working to increase access to fresh, locally produced affordable food in their communities, including a project that has moved from ‘food aid to food trade’.

The blog is available on the Sustain website.

Hungry for Change
Jill Muirie at Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH), has produced a blog post that considers the long and short term implications of growing levels of food insecurity and the importance of improved access to nutritious food and a more stable food economy for our health, wellbeing and quality of life. The blog post summarises key facts about food insecurity in Scotland and suggests actions that would make a difference.

The blog post is available on the GCPH website.

Improving communication around the Eatwell Guide
MyNutriWeb’s Registered Dietitian, Cordelia Woodward, has published a blog highlighing the key findings from a new extensive review of the Eatwell Guide. The review focuses on improving communications of food based dietary guidelines and importantly provides five key recommendations to help drive better adherence to the Eatwell Guide.

Find out more on the MyNutriWeb’s site.

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