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Funded pilot opportunity – collaborating to build a stronger community food sector and tackle health inequalities and poverty

Update 13 December 2022

We have received all the Expressions of Interest and have now invited five groups to take part in the final application process for this funding opportunity.

We want a more joined up, coherent and sustainable community food[1] sector to support access to, and take-up of, affordable, nutritious, sustainable[2] and culturally acceptable good food[3] for Scotland’s communities affected by health inequalities and poverty.

We know that many organisations and agencies came together in recent years (including during the pandemic) to join up and support their communities. We hope to learn from, support and complement the work of new, developing, or emerging networks and collaboratives and hope this will support our aims to develop a stronger community food sector.

The Community Food and Health (Scotland) programme at Public Health Scotland is part of a National Reference Group of established community food networks and Scottish Government colleagues. We believe that agencies and community organisations coming together to collaborate and start to plan to make a difference on all three of the priority areas below will contribute towards meeting our aims of a stronger community food sector and tackling health inequalities and poverty.

1. Providing pathways out of poverty and supporting ‘cash first’ approaches.
2. Supporting the social aspects of, and take-up of sustainable, nourishing, good food.
3 Ensuring quality, affordable, nutritious food is available for community organisations.

To support this work nationally we now have funding available to support a small number of collaboration projects to begin work on these priority areas locally. Existing networks and partnerships, or agencies and community organisations who plan to come together, can apply for up to £5000.


[1] ‘Community food’ can mean any community organisation that includes activities and aims to improve access to affordable nutritious food using a community-led approach. The Community Food National Reference Group has a set of values and principles that provides more details about this.

[2] For nutritious, sustainable food, we are using the Eatwell Guide and the British Nutrition Foundation’s advice on healthy sustainable eating. Both the Eatwell Guide and information about sustainable food can be found here. BNF also has tips on saving money to help make food affordable here..

[3] The Good Food Nation Bill outlines actions that will meet Scotland’s vision to become a good food nation.





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