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Covid-19 responses from the community food sector in Fife

Two new reports are now available that look at Covid-19 responses from the community food sector in Fife, looking back and moving forward.

Fife Food Champions are people who have been identified and supported by Fife Community Food Project and have demonstrated the ability and commitment to promote and deliver positive food messages to their local community. Their report, Going Forward after Covid-19, was produced from a virtual network meeting in August, which looked at the challenges behind and ahead of them.
Fife Food Champion Network report

Feeding Fifers was developed in April 2020 as a joint initiative between Fife Council, Fife Community Food Team and Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Food and Health Team to engage with communities across Fife throughout the covid-19 crisis. This report details how they aimed to bring people together through the sharing of healthy meal tips, meal ideas and recipes on social media.
Feeding Fifers social media engagement

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