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Pilot areas named for new food insecurity project in Scotland

The three areas in which a unique project will pilot new preventative and rights-based approaches to cut the number of people turning to food banks will be announced tonight at an event at the Scottish Parliament.

The project – called ‘A Menu for Change: Cash, Rights, Food’ – is a partnership between Oxfam Scotland, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, Nourish Scotland and The Poverty Alliance. The four organisations have come together to help reduce the need for and reliance on emergency food aid across Scotland.

The project will work intensively with local groups in Dundee, East Ayrshire and Fife. The three areas will be named tonight at an event at the Scottish Parliament sponsored by Alex Rowley, the MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife.

The project will focus on ensuring more people access statutory and cash-based crisis support, including the Scottish Welfare Fund, as well as debt minimisation. It will also promote alternative, dignified ways of supporting those who are food insecure, such as community cafes and food cooperatives.


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