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Improving food and health for adults with learning disabilities – learning from policy, research, and practice in the community

Meeting notes

Twenty-five people from across Scotland (specialist dietitians, learning disability service providers, community and voluntary sector staff) attended this meeting to hear about and discuss food and health activities. The audience heard from:

Participants attending the meeting were arranged into four groups and took part in three discussion topics.  Summary of the main messages from participants’ discussions for the whole day were: 

Overall, contributions from those present emphasised the importance of carers, both paid and unpaid, to the improvement of health for people with learning disabilities. There is still a sense that healthy weight and nutrition is not prioritised by carers and services, for a range of reasons that are outlined in the meeting notes. It is important that care providers see health promotion as within their remit and that carers are given the training and support they need to encourage and enable healthy eating and activity. While there is a need to respect individuals’ choices, this should not be used as an excuse to neglect a duty of care. We heard many positive examples of approaches that are effective and we hope that this good practice can be further shared and replicated.

Here are the full meeting notes

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