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Cooking skills blog

Welcome to our new cooking skills blog. It aims to be useful for anyone who runs, or manages community cooking skills courses for people who are vulnerable or trying to manage on a low-income.

We’ve started this blog for two reasons:

1.    We recently began an 18-month cooking skills study group of eight organisations who’ll be thoroughly evaluating their cooking skills courses over the next year. As we won’t analyse their collective evaluation materials and report on their work until 2017, we’ll use this blog to:

  • keep you informed about what they are doing
  • tell you about the evaluation methods they find useful
  • share tips from them about running cooking skills courses

2.    To share anything we learn from reading published reports or attending meetings and conferences about the impact of cooking skills courses

You can find out more about the cooking skills study group, why we set it up, and what its members are expected to do in ‘About our work’.

We’ll update the blog every fortnight and we’ll use a range of formats to keep you informed.

Cooking skills information on our website

We have lots of information about cooking skills on our website. You might not be aware of it all, so here’s a round-up of what we have:

Kim Newstead

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