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CFHS cooking skills learning exchange

Registration is now open for our cooking skills learning exchange, to be held in the Apex Grassmarket Hotel in Edinburgh on 10 November.

Come and hear  about our cooking skills work, learn from your colleagues and share your ideas.

This event will be useful for you, if you:

  • Plan to, or, already run, manage, or commission community cooking skills courses in Scotland’s low-income communities
  • Want to improve how you run,review, reflect on and assess the effectiveness of cooking skills courses

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet your colleagues from across Scotland running cooking courses
  • Hear about CFHS cooking skills work and study group
  • Discuss and take part in activities that will help you critically appraise the variety of ways that cooking skills courses can be run, and consider what activities might suit some participant groups more than others
  • Get some tips and ideas on how to review and improve evaluation of cooking skills course
  • Share ideas on how to run cooking courses with particular groups (e.g: people with autism, children)
  • Hear about, and get a copy of our new guide: – ‘What’s cooking in Scotland? Part three: Tools and ideas to help you critically appraise your cooking skills courses’
  • Find out about resources / bring your own to share

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