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Cooking skills learning exchange and research

In November, we hosted a learning exchange in Edinburgh for those involved in running community cooking skills activities.  Forty-five people attended, many with five years or more experience of delivering cooking activities in low-income communities across Scotland. Everyone had the opportunity to take part in short, participant-led discussion groups. Participants chose to discuss topics such as evaluating cooking skills activities, supporting people accessing food banks or how to reach those most in need.

Participants had the opportunity to contribute to the CFHS commissioned research on cooking skills, either by attending a research focus group or by adding their thoughts to a notice board. We also used the opportunity of having so many experienced people in the room to find out what areas of cooking skills activities, we, they and others should be developing more knowledge on. Opinions varied, but two popular topics included more support with evaluation and more resources or support on affordable recipes. Both of which we plan to explore as well as considering the others views.

The commissioned research will be completed by the end of March 2015.  For more, information, contact

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