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Do you deliver cookery skills sessions within low-income communities in Scotland?

Would you like the chance for your group or agency to be entered into a free prize draw?

We would like to find out what information groups or tutors have about the difference that cookery skills sessions make. We would like to put together a snapshot of information on the impact of cookery activities in Scotland and also plan to hold a roundtable discussion in February. This will also help with our future work.

We would like to know why you deliver cookery skills sessions, what difference you think they make, and what evidence you might have to support this. We would like to hear about your work if you currently deliver cookery sessions or if you have delivered them recently (ie. within the last year).

Please visit to complete the survey. We will enter surveys completed by 11 February into a prize draw, giving a prize of £50 to the first three groups that we draw.

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