Community retailing

CFHS continues to work with the Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) to roll out the SGF ‘Healthy Living’ programme’s training and resources to community food retailers – co-ops, outlets and shops. During 2013-14, we will be running further training for community food retailers, to help them maximise sales and minimise waste. Details will be posted on our website and included in our e-bulletin.

To complement the SGF ‘Healthy Living’ programme’s resources, CFHS has published Flying Off the Shelves [PDF 518 kb], which contains advice and tips for community retailers on how to make the most of their service.

CFHS also funded 14 community retailers to promote their sales during January and February 2013.  An evaluation of the impact of this funding is now available.

For more information about our work with the Scottish Grocers Federation’s ‘Healthy Living’ programme, contact Anne.

CFHS is also on the board of Plunkett Scotland, which represents a number of community-owned shops in some of Scotland’s remotest communities.

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