Volunteer Director opportunities at the Food Train

The Food Train is currently recruiting for Volunteer Directors in the areas of financial management, business growth and development, and third sector marketing and fundraising. More information can be found at www.thefoodtrain.co.uk/volunteer-directors    

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Learning opportunities with Volunteer Development Scotland

Volunteer Development Scotland has a wide range of opportunities for learning in volunteer co-ordination and management. They may be useful for both individuals who wish to develop their practice and for organisation staff and volunteers working towards the Investing in Volunteers quality standard. Learning opportunities, accredited and non-accredited, are available at internediate and advanced levels. …

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Volunteering opportunity with the Allotments Regeneration Initiative

The Allotments Regeneration Initiative is recruiting for a Volunteer Mentor for Scotland to give advice and support to people regenerating or creating allotments. Mentors will need to have some experience of running an allotment site, be able to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per month and be willing to travel in Scotland. For further …

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What is the impact of volunteering in your organisation?

Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS) is currently piloting a Volunteer Impact Assessment toolkit and they are keen to work with a community food initiative as part of this pilot. The Volunteer Impact Assessment toolkit was originally developed by the Institute for Volunteering Research in response to growing demand for support from organisations to highlight the impact …

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Working with Student Volunteers

During this academic year colleagues at Queen Margaret University (QMU), who deliver a MSc Public Health Nutrition course and a BSc (Hons) Nutrition course, are looking to involve their students in practical work with community food initiatives. As such, lecturers at QMU are looking to support students to participate in volunteering throughout the duration of …

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Work placements for Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh is looking for community groups who are able to offer work placements to students (MSc in Public Health Nutrition and BSc (Hons) Nutrition) to complement their academic studies. If you are able to offer hands-on experience as a volunteer within your community group or organisation, please contact Dr Sandra Drummond, …

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Matchmaking between community food initiatives and colleges

Community Food and Health (Scotland) receives frequent requests for placements from colleges and universities that would like to place their students in community food initiatives to gain experience of working in a community food Initiative (CFI) and complete a piece of course work or research. Usually when we receive these requests we struggle to find …

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