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Scottish Food Practices – Food & Public Health Policy Project

How do you currently use dietary guidance information at home, when shopping for food, when ordering take-aways and when eating out?   

 Would you be interested in participating in a research study by University of Hertfordshire,  in collaboration with Food Standards Scotland to share information about your use of dietary guidance in a way that fits with your lifestyle? A researcher will visit your home to carry out interviews, shop with you, or shadow you when eating outside the home. The times for these visits will be agreed between you and the researcher to fit around your schedule, and would take place over the course of a few weeks. You may also be asked to attend a focus group discussion.

The research will help to explain how food fits into people’s lives and identify potential improvements in the way dietary guidance is developed in Scotland. All participating households will receive a supermarket voucher (from a supermarket of your choice) at the end of the study. Agreeing to join the study does not mean you have to complete it – you are free to withdraw at any stage without giving a reason.

Please contact Francesca Vaghi, Research Fellow at if you wish further information.



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