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Working with Student Volunteers

During this academic year colleagues at Queen Margaret University (QMU), who deliver a MSc Public Health Nutrition course and a BSc (Hons) Nutrition course, are looking to involve their students in practical work with community food initiatives. As such, lecturers at QMU are looking to support students to participate in volunteering throughout the duration of their academic year. It is anticipated that volunteering will further develop the range of skills students acquire whilst at university studying public health nutrition.

We are keen to hear from any community food initiatives who would be interested in working with a volunteer from QMU. Students will volunteer with groups one day a week and could be involved in a wide range of different tasks. It is anticipated that groups will not only benefit from the extra capacity but also from the developing skills of students as they progress through their studies.

If you would be interested in working with a student volunteer, from October this year to September 2010, please contact Katrina. We will need to know what activities you would plan for the student to undertake whilst they are volunteering and who they would be working with. Students will be enrolling with QMU in the middle of September and once students have had a chance to start the course we will be matching students to those community food initiatives interested, to ensure that students with different backgrounds gain relevant experience.

To register interest or to find out more, please contact Katrina on tel 0141 227 1840 or e-mail

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