Matchmaking between community food initiatives and colleges

Community Food and Health (Scotland) receives frequent requests for placements from colleges and universities that would like to place their students in community food initiatives to gain experience of working in a community food Initiative (CFI) and complete a piece of course work or research.

Usually when we receive these requests we struggle to find suitable placements in the time frame available.

Requests come from a variety of institutions and courses, for example, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, or Food Marketing, Co-operative Organisation and Rural Development. We would expect requests from the following subject areas: community development or education;nutrition or dietetics; public health or health promotion; business and social enterprise; and social science. Placements vary in terms of length and academic requirements.

CFHS wants to encourage students to gain some experience in a community food setting and offer them to opportunity to undertake a piece of work that will be useful for the CFI and fulfil coursework requirements.

We will compile a list of CFIs that are willing and able to host a student undertaking field work. This list will then be made available to colleges and students looking for placements or work experience. The final details of placements will be negotiated between the CFI, college and student.

To support students CFHS can offer occasional access to our library and a limited amount of help and advice. It is expected that academic support will be provided by the college, not CFHS or the host CFI. CFIs will be expected to provide a basic introduction to the project and an agreed amount of supervision to support the student achieve their task.

CFHS will not be able to guarantee that any CFI will be ‘matched’ with a suitable student. Similarly, CFHS cannot guarantee that any student will be matched with a suitable placement.

If you can offer a student a placement or work experience, please download and complete this form and return it to CFHS.

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